Welcome to BESL Pro Season 3!

THE LONG WAIT IS OVER! Today we proudly announce the arrival of Baltic eSports League’s third season with a completely new addition to our game list - Rocket League!


“Hey Mr. BESL Pro, what’s Rocket League?” you may ask! Well folks, it’ll be better if I let world’s best players to answer to that question:

(credit: ELEAGUE)


Enough of chit-chatting, let’s talk details!

Registration & General information

Find out how to register for BESL HERE.

In order to participate in our competitions a minimum of 2 (out of the 3 (+1 substitute)) players on each team have to be from Baltic states, otherwise the team is not eligible to participate.

If you have any additional questions regarding BESL or if you just want to hang out with our community, feel free to join our DISCORD server.


Season 3 of Baltic eSports League is going to be played out using the Round Robin format for the group stage, with TOP 4 teams qualifying for the single elimination playoff bracket for the LAN finals. And, for those of you wondering - all the games during Regular season are going to be played as Best-of-five series and in LAN finals - Best-of-seven!


Starting from the first week of April, in total eight (8) teams are going to be competing each Saturday for 7 weeks straight for a spot in LAN Finals.


For more details on this season’s format visit our Season 3 Rulebook.

LAN Finals

As for the Season 3 LAN Finals - the event is going to feature the top 4 teams of the online set of games! This time around the LAN Finals are going to be located in Latvia, with the HyperTown EXPO now traveling back to Kipsala exhibition center in Riga, Latvia with the event itself taking place on 1st-2nd of June!

Season 3 calendar

BESL Pro Season 3 calendar looks as following:

  • Regular season:

    • 1st week - 6th of April - Group stage round 1

    • 2nd week - 13th of April - Group stage round 2

    • 3rd week - 20th of April - Group stage round 3

    • 4th week - 27th of April - Group stage round 4

    • 5th week - 4th of May - Group stage round 5

    • 6th week - 11th of May - Group stage round 6

    • 7th week - 18th of May - Group stage round 7

  • LAN Finals - 2nd of June

Prize pool

For Season 3 teams are going to be competing for the lion share of the 2,000 prize pool!

The 2,000 Season 3 prize pool is going to be distributed as following:

1st place - €740

2nd place - €450

3rd-4th place - €255

5th-6th place - €90

7th-8th place - €60

Season 3 stream

The broadcast is going to air every Saturday with coverage from all three BESL Pro Season 3 disciplines (CS:GO, PUBG and Rocket League). On stream you’re going to be greeted by our studio hosts who are going to run the show all throughout the day with giving their insights on the games happening in a relaxed and entertaining manner. Though, once we hop into the Rocket League game itself, our lovely commentators (will be announced at a later date) are going to take over!


This season we’re going to broadcast the stream on two platforms - YouTube and Twitch! Be sure to follow our channel in the platform of your choice in order to not miss any action!


Follow our social media pages for more information about the upcoming season:


News by: Juris ‘kapey’ Abdullins

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