Welcome to BESL Pro Season 4!

Today we proudly announce the arrival of BESL Pro Season 4! In short - no major changes have been done to how the League operates and it’s still pretty much the same old BESL Pro competition that you enjoyed last season! However, there are a few minor things that will change - format for LAN finals, prize pool distribution and schedule, but more on that later.


As mentioned before, this time around there are no major changes to how we operate and thus the format of BESL Pro Season 4 has remained the same. Just like last season, we’re going to start off our competition with 7 weeks of best-of-five round robin stage. 


The only minor change in regards to the format is that this season only the best 2 teams are going to travel to the LAN Finals at HyperTown in order to decide upon a champion in a best-of-nine duel.

Prize pool

The prize pool of our competition for Season 4 has not changed from the previous one and teams once again are going to be competing for the lion's share of the 2,000 prize pool!


However, with the change of only 2 teams traveling to the LAN finals at HyperTown, the prize money distribution has been made a bit more top-heavy than before.

The 2,000 Season 4 prize pool is going to be distributed as follows:

1st place - €990

2nd place - €560

3rd place - €120

4th place - €90

5th-8th place - €60 

Team relegation and LAN Finals

Just like last time, at the end of the season, the bottom 4 teams are going to be relegated from BESL Pro which mean they do not get a guaranteed slot for the next season. 


As for the Season 4 LAN Finals - due to event logistics, this time around the event is going to feature only the best 2 teams from the online stage. Accordingly, teams that will reach top2 at the end of the regular season are going to the LAN finals.


The LAN Finals event is going to be located in Estonia with the HyperTown EXPO once again traveling back to Saku Suurhall arena (Tallinn) with the event taking place on 23rd and 24th of November

Season 4 calendar and qualifier details

BESL Pro Season 4 calendar looks as following:

  • Open qualifier #1 - 18.08 17:00 Baltic time (registration open from 05.08 till 18.08)

  • Open qualifier #2 - 01.09 17:00 Baltic time (registration open from 19.08 till 01.09)

  • Regular season - 29.09-10.11 (7 weeks)

  • LAN Finals - 23.11


As for the details of the qualifiers:

  • Register HERE

  • Qualifiers are played on smash.gg using Double Elimination Bo5 format;

  • The best 2 teams (teams that reach the upper bracket and lower bracket finals) from the first two qualifiers are going to secure a spot in the BESL Pro Season 4.

  • Information on last chance qualifier will be provided on a later date.

Only teams that consist of a minimum of 2 players from Baltic states are eligible to participate. Read more about player eligibility in our Rulebook.

Season 4 game broadcasts

As mentioned in our opening statement - this season’s schedule will not be the same as it was before! Starting from BESL Pro Season 4 our broadcast team will cater our CS:GO and PUBG divisions with commentaries to all three Baltic state countries! Rocket League will remain in English as it was before.

What does that mean? For CS:GO and PUBG, instead of you having one single broadcast in English, this season we’re going to bring you multiple streams with each of them happening in one of the Baltic state country languages - Latvian, Lithuanian and Estonian! 

However, Rocket League will remain to be broadcasted in English for the entirety of the season. This means that Rocket League will not be broadcasted on the same day as CS:GO and PUBG. CS:GO and PUBG will be broadcasted on Saturdays while Rocket League will be broadcasted on Sundays. Precise match times will be announced later.

For the LAN finals, we’re going to transition back into having one English broadcast in order to cater to a broader audience of viewers.


Each of the broadcasts is going to have a separate channel on both Twitch and YouTube. Be sure to follow your native broadcast channel in the platform of your choice in order to not miss any action:


Follow our social media pages for more information about the upcoming season:


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