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With BESL Pro Season 4 grand final happening this Saturday, we thought that it would be the perfect time for us to announce the arrival of BESL Pro Season 5 while already opening up registration for the qualifiers!


Some changes have been made from the last (as in current) season, including the format both for the regular season and LAN finals. There also are some changes in the ruleset. Read all about that further below. 


In general, the duration of a regular season remains the same as previously - 7 weeks. However, regular season will split in 2 stages - Round Robin league play stage and Playoff stage. League play stage will last for the first 6 weeks, and on final week Playoffs will be played, as shown below.


Teams that reach Semifinals of the Playoff stage automatically advance to LAN finals (4 teams in total). Bottom two teams of League play will be relegated. While Top2 teams of League play automatically advance to LAN finals, they still have to play in the Playoff stage to fight for a better seeding in the LAN finals.


As mentioned previously, 4 teams will advance to LAN finals. This time around, there won’t be a single elimination bracket. Instead, there will be a double elimination bracket. 


The number of teams this season has not changed from the previous one - BESL Pro Season 5 is going to once again feature 8 teams from all three Baltic state countries.


With that being said, here is the list of teams that have maintained their spot in the league by finishing at least Top6 in the Season 4 regular season:

  1. Timechasers

  2. Team Black Diamond

  3. The Backflip Boys

  4. Bad Dudes

  5. Imperial

  6. Mind Games Esports


The 2 remaining teams are going to be found via qualifiers (read more about them further down below). In a scenario where one or more teams from this list decide to not take part in the upcoming season of BESL Pro, a replacement team is going to be called upon from the 7th-8th place finishers of Season 4 or runner-up from either of qualifiers.

Prize pool

The prize pool of our competition for Season 5 has not changed from the previous one and teams are once again going to be competing for the lion's share of the 2,000 prize pool!

The 2,000 Season 5 prize pool is going to be distributed as follows:

1st place - €815

2nd place - €450

3rd place - €300

4th place - €255

5th-8th place - €45 

LAN Finals

This time around the LAN Finals is going to be located in Latvia, with the HyperTown now traveling back to Kipsala exhibition center (Riga) with the event taking place on the 15th and 16th of February!

Season 5 calendar and qualifier details

BESL Pro Season 5 calendar looks as following:

  • Qualifier #1 - 01.12 18:00 Baltic time (registration open from 18.11 till 01.12 17:30)

  • Qualifier #2 - 08.12 18:00 Baltic time (registration open from 02.12 till 08.12 17:30)

  • Regular season - 22.12-02.02 (7 weeks)

  • LAN Finals - 15-16.02


As for the details of the qualifiers:

  • Register HERE

  • Qualifiers are played on smash.gg using Double Elimination Bo5 format;

  • The winner of each qualifier is going to secure a spot in the BESL Pro Season 5.

  • Only teams that consist of a minimum of 2 players from Baltic states are eligible to participate. Read more about player eligibility in our Rulebook.


Season 5 game broadcasts

There are no changes from Season 4. Broadcasts will still remain on Sundays at 15:00 Baltic time on the same BESL Pro EE channel. 

Notable changes in the rulebook

  1. For Season 5 teams are limited to only 1 emergency substitute player per season instead of 2 as in Season 4.

  2. Once an emergency substitute player is being used, this player is automatically tied to particular team and cannot be used as an emergency substitute player by another team.


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